Safety & Etiquette

The Te Puke golf club has adopted safe working practices to help you enjoy your Bay of Plenty golfing experience. Failure to comply with the below procedures could result in prosecution under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Procedures to Prevent Injury to Staff from Golf Balls

Greens Maintenance

When mowers or machinery are in operation, the green is out of play and golfers are not to hit to the green until Golf Te Puke greens staff are clear of the green.


Under NO circumstances is anyone to attempt to recover anything, including balls, from the pond unless the Te Puke golf club has given written approval to do so.

Fairway & Rough Maintenance

Golfers must wait for an approaching vehicle or mower to pass behind, or out of range before playing their shots. Alternatively golfers on the Te Puke golf course may be called on to play their shots by the operator.

Other Situations

In all other situations at our golf club in Te Puke, golfers must receive acknowledgement from ground staff who are in range before playing a shot.


There will be an ongoing spray programme throughout the year. In some cases the course will be closed. The sections affected on the day will be notified in advance. We apologise for any inconvenience, but we must meet our obligations under our legislative requirements.

Course Etiquette at the Te Puke Golf Club

Have fun, while respecting the course etiquette at the Te Puke golf club. Our 18 hole Bay of Plenty golf course will not disappoint even the most experienced golfer!


  1. NO cell phones ringing
  2. Players shall give way to all greens staff that will endeavour to minimise the disruption to players
  3. No player should talk, stand close to or directly in the line with the hole, or make any movement that may distract a fellow competitor while making a stroke
  4. Players should keep up with the players in front at all times and not ahead of those behind. If the gap is one fairway then let the following group through – you are too slow
  5. No player on the Te Puke golf course should play until the party in front is out of range. When the result of a hole has been determined, players should immediately leave the area of the green
  6. While looking for a lost ball, players should allow groups following behind to play through, and having given such approval, should not continue their game until those players are out of range
  7. Players on the Te Puke golf course should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, remembering that players on neighbouring fairways may be disturbed or distracted during their game by inconsiderate behaviour
  8. On arrival at the Golf Te Puke putting green, please repair all pitch marks. Mark your card when waiting for others to putt or tee off
  9. The Rules of Golf require that a four losing a full hole on those in front of them give way to the four behind
  10. Please leave rakes in base of bunkers
  11. Follow the instructions on the practice fairway signs

Motorised Transport at Golf Te Puke

On the Te Puke golf course, golf carts and other motorised transport can be used at anytime for casual rounds of golf. Golf carts are available for hire in our Te Puke Golf Pro Shop.

However, for the following events, motorised transport can only be used when the Te Puke golf club manager or the tournament convener has sighted a Registered Doctor’s Medical certificate:

  • All Club Trophy Competitions
  • Club Championships
  • Open Tournaments (On application to the Tournament Committee within 48 hours of the event). Certificate to detail whether injury is permanent or temporary with term of validity
  • Valid Te Puke certificates may not apply at other courses. See respective club or competition for their policy